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"She Comes And She Goes", The New Single. Release date, March 3, 2023! 

"A mindbending journey through a sonic landscape that combines the heavy riffage of classic rock with soaring harmonies, all with a psychedelic twist!" ~ Earle Mankey/Producer

“The new single, “She Comes And She Goes”, is timeless Psychedelic Americana that has one foot in the 60s and the other running into the future.
It has dynamics that really take the listener on a journey.
Great vocals and stunning guitar playing!”

~ Producer/Multi Instrumentalist, Fernando Perdomo 

Sadie, the new single, is now available!  

Sadie is now available on all streaming platforms. Here’s what our producer, Fernando Perdomo, has to say about the recording of Sadie. 

“I saw Medicine Hat perform live before working with them in the studio. When I saw them, I saw a band with a perfectly crafted sound that was absolutely ready to go in the studio. Michelle and Robert have an incredible vocal blend. When recording "Sadie" I insisted on them singing together, facing eachother in the studio. What you are about to hear is an accurate representation of the essence of Medicine Hat.” 

~ Fernando Perdomo, Producer/Multi Instrumentalist, featured guitarist in the documentary, Echo In The Canyon.

Fences ~ In Orange Vinyl! 

It's finally here and shipping! Fences ~ Is now available in limited edition Translucent Orange vinyl and can be purchased from the Website Store and at all live shows.