Leaving Kind Of Sound: CD
  • Leaving Kind Of Sound: CD

Leaving Kind Of Sound: CD

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Leaving Kind of Sound is only a three-song EP, but it serves the purpose of letting the listener know exactly what the band is all about and that is roots rock and alternative country. The opener, “In the Morning” has a psychedelic country vibe reminiscent of Cracker and The Cowboy Junkies and it sets the tone of things to come. “The Great Escape,” drenched in harmonies and mandolin, would be the perfect track for a driving-into-the-sunset movie montage. Plus you can’t help but love a song when the lyrics are a clever reference to a classic Steve McQueen film. The “king of cool” movie star and former Santa Paula resident is even name checked. The closer, which is also the title track, sounds like vintage Tom Petty, a four-on-the-floor rock groove that would go well with a domestic beer in a smoke-filled bar in middle-America. — Chris Jay, VC Reporter

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