Concert Art Shows - Review


The Medicince Hat Performance

COMMENTARY: by Concertartshows Saint Pierre featuring the four piece Americana Psychedelic Rock band that have awesome alternative original arrangements. The group is based in Ventura. Their first album is due to be released in June 2015. They are excited about the prospects when we interviewed the lead singer. EL and I both agreed that Main Street needs more bands like this.... to demonstrate their songwriting abilities... Covers are getting grotesque on Main lately. Jonny Reese provided a fair share of happy hour prices when the band appeared 6pm - 9pm. Thank you Jonny.... let's be sure to get more of the original artistic performances for ALL OF VENTURA to enjoy.... LONG LIVE THE ORIGINAL PERFORMING ARTIST ON MAIN STREET. Tonight we are in Heaven with "Medicine Hat".

Friday May 29, 2015

Amigos Surf Cantina
546 E.ast Main Street
Ventura, California 93001