Behind The Song Pt. 7 ~ Lay It Down

Welcome to the seventh post of our Socially Distant Storytellers Series! We recorded the entire record with Earle Mankey at his Psychedelic Shack in T.O. It was an honor and privilege to get to work with him once again! The recording was mastered by Guy Martin at Black Couch Studios, who is always a pro! The seventh and final cut off the record is Lay It Down. Take a listen and enjoy the story! We’d love to hear your feedback and answer any questions you have in the comments! Stay safe friends and enjoy your Saturday evening! 

Quotes and Reviews:
Medicine Hats new release invokes the wide open space of the American West with the high lonesome harmonies of Graham Parson’s and Emmy Lou Harris while still retaining their own distinct sound. ~ Annette Zilinskas, Blood on the Saddle, The Bangles

Lay It Down


Lay it Down 

Pink telephone pay thing 

By the Motor Lodge the Inn 

There’s a room there without a view 

Crystalline sin 

Lay it down 

Lay it down 

On the table on the bed 

Lay it down 

Lay it down 

On the floor like she said 

Red walls, she sings 

Let’s out the lonely creeping in 

The perfect room without a view 

Seeking comfort can’t win 

It’s a way out place to be 

A place you can’t stay 

Serious price for tomorrow 

Not forever, just for today 

Lay it down 

Lay it down 

On the table on the bed 

Lay it down 

Lay it down 

On the floor like she said

Behind the Music: 

This is another track off the album that we’ve been playing for quite some time and just hadn’t recorded yet. An imagined scenario of what may go down at a local, Ventura motel named the Crystal Lodge. There is a painted pink telephone booth in the parking lot that stands out as you don’t see too many pay phones (especially pink ones) around these days! Really fun to write! We wanted to give it a Spaghetti Western sort of feel, with lots of reverb a la James Wilsey style and of course our signature harmonies! It was fun adding the clave to this one for the finishing touch! 

Geek Tech Notes: 

All guitars capo’d 1st Fret 

Epiphone EJ200 / Rhythm 

Fender Telecaster Thinline > MXR Carbon Copy > Strymon Flynt Reverb > 1956 Fender Vibrolux 

Guitars, Robert Ramirez 

Bass, Cary Von Gott 

Tambourine and Clave, Michelle Votrian

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