Album Review, VCReporter

"Whiskey And Waves" Review by Chris Jay, VCReporter

"There’s the power-pop factor present on tracks like “The Only Thing” and “Ain’t Complaining” that are reminiscent of The Lemonheads, yet alternative country in the vein of The Jayhawks reigns supreme on “Scared of You” and “107 Songs.” On the other hand, “More Than I Wanted” and “Falling Graces” are flat-out movie montage stoner rock."

"The recording, engineered by Earle Mankey (The Runaways, Concrete Blonde) is surprisingly lo-fi, which works well for the overall vibe, and there’s even a guest appearance from everybody’s favorite local renaissance man, Neal Casal. While post-power-pop-alt-country-desert-stoner-rock (PPPACDSR as fans like to call it) is a relatively young genre, Whiskey & Waves is its Sgt. Pepper."

—  Chris Jay