This is Medicine Hat

“Lady Sierra” - “Shimmering psychedelic folk rock. Brings me back to Rain Parade and Green On Red. What’s not to love! With “Lady Sierra,” Medicine Hat give us an aural love letter to California. I’m in.” 
~ John Surge (John Surge & The Haymakers) 

“She Comes And She Goes”, is timeless Psychedelic Americana that has one foot in the 60s and the other running into the future.
It has dynamics that really take the listener on a journey.
Great vocals and stunning guitar playing!”
~ Producer/Multi Instrumentalist, Fernando Perdomo 


“Does sound like it was winding up and what bluster there was in its wake, rock, trad and folk and a whole heap of crash, bang and wallop to give our Saturday morning quite the stir. There is cowboy antics and a bit of psych but the main draw for this track comes in the old time singing that makes it feel like we should be crouched around the winter hearth with our favourite people in the world.”
~ mp3hugger, blog


“Love those jingle-jangle guitars, the great lead lines, and that heavy psychedelic sound.”
~ Alt77, blog


With the fan coined term “Lonesome Desert Rock” as their tag, they continue to win over listeners with their gritty authenticity.

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